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Upliftment through words .

Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

Our heart on the table .

Live Heart2Heart (LH2H) (formerly a registered charity) is now a philanthropic programme funded by PHM and donors with a primary purpose to uplift the spirits of heart patients through literature. 

We provide inspirational videos for playback during patients’ cardiology clinic visits. We also provide funding to offset some cardiology clinics’ needs, like life-saving equipment and improvement of facility.

LH2H Story .

LH2H Founder was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Syndrome in 2010. Her first visit to a Kingston-based cardiology clinic was an eye opener- noticing the many sad faces and somber mood while patients waited for long hours to see the doctor. Although she later started private cardiology care, convicted by a desire to inspire others and a love for poetry, she went back to the clinic- this time reading words of inspiration through personally written poems or other works by famous writers, like Helen Steiner -Rice. The patients enjoyed the few moments with some expressing their gratitude and others wearing just a smile. There was also a demand for printed copies, so eventually book markers with a signature poem were distributed. All this was further motivation to do something more.

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Crowded Hospital Garden

The Mission .

To uplift the spirits of heart patients through creative writing and improvement of cardiology clinics

The Cause .

Some heart patients cannot afford treatment.

30% Jamaicans die from cardiovascular diseases (WHO, 2018)

Many heart patients are sad. There is correlation between depression and heart disease (Harvard Health, 2016

How we throb .

Donors & Volunteers
Live Heart2Heart
Creative Writing
Heart Patients
Inspirational Videos
Cardiology Equipment
Other Clinic Needs
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With your kind donation, we were able to purchase ten (10) Holter cables for the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) Cardiology Unit. The cables are valued at JM$276,000.00 and were handed over to the Unit. They will benefit hundreds of cardiology patients, especially those who can’t afford private healthcare.


A Holter monitor is a portable machine used to record the electrical activity of a patient’s heart over a 24-hour period or longer. The Holter cables enable the operation of the Holter Monitors. According to Mayo Clinic, the reports from the Holter monitors help healthcare providers identify or determine the risk of irregular heartbeats. Patients are oftentimes requested to wear a Holter monitor if not enough information about the heart’s condition is provided by a traditional electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG).


Your help makes a huge difference in these patients' lives. THANK YOU!

Patients of the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) Cardiology Unit are once again getting a weekly dose of inspirational heart-to-heart literature while they wait to see their doctor.

Live Heart2Heart (LH2H) donated a TV and grill, for added security, to the Unit as a means to continue its mission to provide motivational content/poetry to heart patients during the clinic in lieu of in-person readings by volunteers, which were discontinued in March 2020 due to the pandemic.

Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, volunteers also distributed bookmarker tokens to patients with the charity's signature original poem “Be Strong”. The poems are now audio recorded remotely by volunteers and then edited for video format with complementary background music and graphics.

The video is loaded onto the TV monitor for playback during the clinic where patients can read along and/or listen.

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